Kill gate guard and wear breastplate, shield, and broadsword
now go to lord and have token in inventory, if you have everything
it will transport you to the slave room. When it is empty during
repop it will have 3 pieces of eq, gloves, boots, and robe, get
those and head east and return to begining (no clue what they are
for YET)
Say ‘i love music too’ to randall for harp.
Wear harp and go to the pk room with a fairy boy, entering
it will make the bow give you the flute.
Wear flute and go back to randall, he will give you a flower.
Get the two vials in a small room at the end of the underground
Go all south, then north, down, all east, give the vial with
trueseeing on it to the fairy woman for necklace.
Go back to first room and give necklace to petite waitress for
a bracelet which is a key.
Go back down and wear flower, open the door to the east and go
to the top and back east, the man will trigger giving you a
petal and asking you if the trade is fair. Getting the rose is
something I dont know how to do but I know a cheap way. To get
the rose without having to figure out what to wear when killing
him. Just do the part over again, if he is already holding a rose
and you go in and get another petal again, he loads a second rose
this one not worn, so plainly use steal to get it.
Wear petal and go to vial room, a woman will react and give you a
berry for it.
Take the berry to the library and look and see if a cleaning maid
is there, if so then give her the berry, you will get a bottle, and
she will drop a penny(no clue what to do with bottle and penny).
Go to the groom’s room now and say ‘darrel, you love alanna, don’t
you?’ you will get everlasting love.
Take the love back to cleaning maid in library and give it to her
and say ‘alanna it’s from darrel.’ for basket.
Take basket to woman who gave you berry and give it to her and say
‘what is this basket for?’ for holy well the area portal.
Wear Bottle and kill sewing maids until you get the thread.
In the room where ya got the well, wear rose and, go in and out,
the lady will ask for a trade, say ‘yes, i will trade with you’
to get the ivy vine, and ivy root.
Now go around and collect the tunic, the cloak, the skirt, the
garland, and wear them and the ivy pieces.
Go and open the second locked east door and go up to the room with
four exits and type exits.
Go to the room named ‘A cold stone passage’. A woman is there, now
go up and it will transport you to the room “The Sacrifice”.
Kill the lion and it loads the Snake.
Say ‘i have learned much since my arrival’ to get the next question.
Say ‘aurelian. it means gold’ to get the next question.
When it asks the other name for the realm say ‘the perilous realm’
for next question. (it also has possible to mention 2 who broke the
law, you need to name 2 names, im still working on that)
It will ask the old name for what day it is.
say ‘the feast of the dead’ to be pushed into the fire.
Kill the fire as fast as you can and Aurelian will be before
Now 5% chance on this working, but go down now, and he should give
you 2 items, a mask, and gauntlet and then head to guest room.
Perhaps more? *shiver*