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To The Dark Continent, Abend
A corn field
A sand beach
A path through a field
In front of the farm
A Wheat Field
Old Entrance of the City
A ruined house
In front of the Observatory
A sand beach
In the Farm
On Arisia's Docks
A sand beach
A sand beach
Entrance of the Observatory
A windy beach
A Small Altar
In the Temple of Nature
A small, dark street
The Market Place
A small, dark street
The Smiling Orc Tavern
A stony beach
The Fair: Boat Market
Beginning of Palace Street
Palace Street, in front of the gates
Temple Street
In front of the telescope
Herbalist's Shop
Storeroom of the Herbalist
House of the Storyteller
In front of the Temple of Nature
Observatory Street
Temple Street
Observatory Street
In the Fishermen's Guild
Mill Road
The Fair: At the Tailor
The Bakery
The Palace: Kitchen
The Dwarven Armorer's Shop
Trisanar's House
Palace Street, near the MarketPlace
The Palace: Entrance Hall
The Weaponsmith
The House of Egueran
The Armorer's storeroom
The Fair: At the Healer
The Palace: Feast Hall
The Palace: King's Bedroom
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