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To The Dark Continent, Abend
A Hidden Underground Room
A Weapons Storage Shed
A Secret Underground Passageway
A Very Dark Secret Underground Passageway
The Knights' Stables
A Hidden Passageway
The Secret Passageway Continues
Inside the Small Castle
A Hidden Room Below the King's Box
Below the Combat Ring
The Fairgrounds
The King's Royal Box
A Quiet Path
The Red Knight's Tent
The Grand Square
The Blue Knight's Tent
Risa's Inn
A Vast, Decorated Room (G)
The Fairgrounds
An Upstairs Hallway
The Red Knight's Room
And Continues...
And Continues...
And Continues...
The End of the Secret Passageway
Before a Small Castle
Behind the Stands
In the Stands
In the Stands (G)
The Tournament Arena
In the Stands
The Combat Ring
In the Stands
The Gallery of Champions
The Castle's Kitchen
On the way to the Tournament
The Refreshment Tent
The Fairgrounds
The Announcer's Box
The Fairgrounds
The Grand Entrance to the Fair
The Magician's Tent
The Fortune Teller's Tent
The Yellow Knight's Tent
The Green Knight's Tent
The Gold Knight's Tent
The Practice Tent
The Tall Tower
The White Knight's Tent
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