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say I can slay the dragon
To The Continent of Mesolar
A Begadela
Within Snuckles Village
Abandoned Pet And Hurt Animal Refuge
Venturing Through The Animal Refuge
Line Of Trees And Hedges
Arosa's Begadela
Base of the Tree of Many Colors
Before The Bakery
Within Snuckles Forest
The Tree Of Many Colors
Snuckle Bakery
North Side Of The Village
Rainbow Path
Before The Black Tower
Inside The Tower
Wolves' Den
Thinning Trees
Before The Wolves' Den
Overlooking The Refuge
Birdseye View Of The Forest
Edge Of The Pond
Climbing The Tower
Destiney's Hideaway
Snuckle Forest
The Picturesque Pond
Edge Of The Village
In Snuckles Village
Milborn's Hut
Path Into Snuckle Village
Faerie House
In Snuckles Forest
Faerie Meeting Hall
Lavender Colored Tree
On The Deck Of The Farmhouse
Faydra And Shay's Room
Grandma's Basement
Grandma's Hut
Through Snuckles Forest
Sanctity Of The Wizard
Southern Edge Of The Pond
Three Way Junction
Mushroom Patch
Memorial of Snuckles Past
The Schoolhouse
Pathway to Snuckles Forest
Shay's Atelier
Wolves' Den
Wolves' Den
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