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To Twilight Hall
To The Continent of Mesolar
A Burnt-Out Bedroom
A Burnt-Out Living Room
A Burnt-Out Kitchen
A Path Between Homes
Burned Ichu Pasture
A Crumbled Bedroom
A Destroyed Living Room
A dark passage
A widening passage
A very tight squeeeeeze
The Path Ends
A Partially Destroyed Kitchen
A Path Between Homes
A heat-blasted chamber
Pulsing Purple Ichor
A Landing Above the Cavern
Wooden Barrage
The Cavern's Entrance
A lubricious cavern
A slimy cavern
An unstable cavern
A Maze of Tunnels
A Maze of Tunnels
Leading Away From the Main Tunnel
A Maze of Tunnels
A Maze of Tunnels
An Open Chamber
A messy chamber
A missing sliver
A steamy cavern
Around the bend
A porous chamber
A sharp curve
The gooey center
A slippery cavern
A tricky cavern
A smoky cavern
A treacherous cavern
A steep crevasse
A Steep Fissure
Stony River
A steep slope
A tight squeeze
Crater Rim
A very hot trench
A very hot cave
An Underground River
An Underground River
An Underground Stream
Approaching the Ruined Village
Rim of the Crater
Half Destroyed Bedroom
The Edge of What Was a Village
Burning Forest
Swaths of Ruin
Fog Forest
Destroyed Forest
Burning Forest
South Rope Bridge
Burnt Forest
East Rope Bridge
Charcoal Forest
Destroyed Forest
Smoking Forest
Destroyed Forest
North Entrance
Destroyed Forest
Destroyed Forest
Smoking Forest
Rim of the Crater
Destroyed Kitchen
Half Destroyed Living Room
Dying Forest
Dying Orchard
Heat-Scorched Trees
East River
Grotto of gathering shadow
Hollowed-out chamber
Natural Dam
Vendor Stall
Darkened Ooze
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