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To The Dark Continent, Abend
A bedroom
The Master Bedroom
The Kitchen
A cavern
A clearing
The split
A fork in the cave
Deep cave
Deep Cave
Inside the cave
Deep Cave
A road
On the road
A slight bend
Outside a farm
On the trail
A tunnel in the Mountain
The tunnel
The tunnel
The Silver Cave
A turn in the road
The trail
The Road to Silver Volcano
A turn in the tunnel
The Entrance to the Silver Volcano
Along the stream
Along the stream
The Road
Another turn in the road
At the top of the Volcano (G)
On the side of the Volcano
Before the bridge
On the bridge (G)
Outside the Tollhouse
The trail
Challenge Chamber
Dracos' Chamber
The Guard Room
Training Room
Worship Chamber
Sleeping Chamber
Dragon Cave General Store
Entrance to cave
Outside the Cave
Tack room
One of the pens
Hay Loft
Smith's Room
Mages' Center
Practice Room
The Road
On the road
The end of the road
On the Volcano side
On the trail
The forest road
On the trail
The Dense Forest
The Beginning of the Path
The base of the volcano
The stables (G)
Outside the stables
The office
Strong room
The living room
The dense forest
The overgrown path
Treasure Room
The Stores
The yard
The Pit
The tunnel
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