Epic Info

| Epics are a large group activity hosted a few times each week and on the
| weekend. If you’re sitting at SH (regardless of remort) you are welcome
| to join an epic, but there are a few requirements:
| Level 201
| Must have Party Heal spell (cleric)
| Must have 20k Health
| Icefall 1: must have 5k mana
| Icefall 2: must have 10k mana
| The change in the stat system means non-R7s can join the run
| and still be useful, but the above requirements are necessary
| to not be “dead weight” on an epic.
| If you only barely meet the requirements, you will still die.
| However, so long as you follow directions and respond quickly
| to the leaders directions you will reap the rewards and be
| on your way to holding your own epic gear.
| There are guides for OC, Inferno, and Genie. There is no
| guide currently for Icefall, but all the directions you
| need to know for all epics are given by the leaders.
| http://tinyurl.com/EpicAardGuides
| Showd shaelynne also shows the Icefall spreadsheet link
| and the calender information for epics. Arcidayne has
| a mush script that allows you to see what epics are
| scheduled easily in his finger info.