Joining Touchstone

Requirements for joining Touchstone:

It is Touchstone policy that before applying for membership, potential applicants should have:

  • – Maintained a positive profile on public channels.
  • – Earned at least 4,000 quest points (you need not have 4,000 qp on hand).
  • – Completed at least 200 quests (each completed campaign counts as 5 quests).
  • – Reached a minimum level of Tier 0, Remort 0, Level 100. Remorts may be any level.

Exceptions to the above may be made in special circumstances for committed players whose method of gameplay is atypical.


Application Process:

After achieving the above, the player must post a note on PERSONAL Board, addressed to Touchstone, explaining the following:

  • Why he/she wishes to join Touchstone.
  • What he/she can contribute to the clan.
  • What he/she expects in return from the clan.
  • Anything else he/she wishes us to know.

After submitting an application all applicants must wait to receive a note acknowledging their application and permitting them to proceed to the next phase. This is to make sure all active Touchstone members know about the application and ensure there are no known issues prior to acknowledgement.



Interview Process:

An applicant must acquire AT LEAST the following:

  • 2 Interviews from a Corundum.


  • 1 Interview from a Corundum, and 2 Interviews from rank 3+.

Note that the interviews mentioned above represent the bare minimum expected, and that each applicant should make an effort to speak to as many clan members as possible.

Once the applicant has completed all of the interviews, he or she will then be given a leader quest, which will be determined by the applicant’s level/classes.

NOTE: All new recruits are subject to a 30 day probationary period to make sure that they fit in well with the clan, and a 90 day period of normal activity.

For example, joining TS then not logging in for 30 days without an explanation would, at the very least, reset the “timer”. If the unexplained absence goes on for several months, the player could be demoted, which at Talc level, would be same as being banned from clan membership.