Touchstone’s Charter & Theme

An ancient philosophy described by the books portrays Touchstone as the key to life in Aardwolf. This philosophy is based on four deceptively simple stones in which each stone serves its own unique purpose. With the help of the four stones, people of Aardwolf can pursue balance and harmony.



The Green Stone stands for friendship. Green is the symbol of
envy and is a constant reminder that one must be free of all
that is selfish and to give freely of oneself.




The Blue Stone represents Healing, for Blue is the color
of nature, and Nature is responsible for our entire being.




The Red Stone stands for Worldly Wisdom because Red
is the color of the fire which burns inside each of us with our desire to learn
and grow.



The philosophy of Touchstone also teaches us that experience
is the key to intellectual growth, so the last stone is the Black
Stone. Black is the symbol of darkness, and through our past
adversity we have gained knowledge and experience which we
will share with others.


Those who find themselves adrift and without purpose are encouraged to read our philosophies and apply to our ranks. The Touchstone philosophy will help you to harness your aimless energy and convert it to its full potential. For more information please see claninfo Touchstone.

Touchstone does not show favoritism to any class/race/sex or alignment. We believe all members of our society have the potential to become members at some point in their lives. We believe that our entire world shifts and changes with time and that the clan must adapt and change with it. And so, the Four Stones dictate that our Charter contains few “set in stone” rules.

(ooc) Touchstone is a No-PK clan and by Charter must always remain this way. We do allow members to join wars, cmaze, mud contests, Open PK (OPK) and duels as they desire provided the mud structure allows for it (ie. No Clan Wars). Within the context of OPK, we do not condone spam or grudge killing.