General Information

Who We Are:

Touchstone is a non-PK clan which promotes good mud citizenship. Our members treat each other as family, with mutual respect and a willingness to help. We each play the game in our own way: some heading full-steam for T9, others TP- or QP-sitting, and some just enjoying getting to know the mud. We believe that “real life” should take priority, and understand that not everyone can be here several hours a day, or even every day; and that members may occasionally need to take some time off from Aardwolf, and still have a clan to come home to when they return.

Our clan activities are guided by our Charter and Theme, and are membership requirements are easily met (see Joining Touchstone).

Our Ranks:

(In order of Lowest to Highest)

1. Talc
2. Gypsum
3. Apatite
4. Feldspar
5. Quartz
6. Topaz
7. Corundum


Our promotion system is based on points. A member must gain a certain amount of points before being promoted. Each time you are promoted you have to wait a certain period before you can be promoted again. The waiting period and the number of points required can be seen in our requirements for each rank.

*Note you start at zero points when you enter the clan*

Talc – meet admission requirements, and be accepted
Gypsum – 30 days, and 10 points
Apatite – 60 days, and 25 points
Feldspar – 90 days, and 40 points
Quartz – 180 days, and 60 points
Topaz – 300 days, and 80 points
Corundum – By vote or appointment

Note that the points earned for one level do not stack onto the next level. For example, the 10 points needed to go from Talc to Gypsum do not stack onto the required 25 points from Gypsum to Apatite. For Apatite, you will need to earn 25 more points. In other words, to become a Gypsum, a Talc has to have been an active member of the clan for a full 30 days, and have also earned 10 points. To become an Apatite, a player has to have been an active member in good standing for at least 60 days after his or her promotion to Gypsum, and have earned 25 points.

Promotional Point System:

1 point per 2,000 quest points earned.
1 point per 500 rooms explored.
1 point per million gold donated.
1 point per 50 levels gained.
1 point for 100 completed quests
1 point for 10 completed campaigns.
1 point per Global Quest win.
1 point for War Win and Kill
1 point for 100 power ups.
1 point for making #1 in the top 10 in Weekly Mud Rankings (except in deaths!)
2 points for making the top 10 in Monthly Mud Rankings (except in deaths!)
2 points for submitting a completed, clearly outlined, (new) goal to the clan archives
5 points for making the top 10 in the Yearly mud rankings (except in deaths!)
10 points for making #1 in the top 10 yearly mud rankings (except in deaths!)
3 points per Trivia Point donated
3 points for SuperHero Loud.
5 points for Tier.
1-3 points to be handed out by leaders for things such as eq ideas, etc.


The following situations are grounds for demotions:

  • Harassing anyone on the Mud
  • Violation of any of the Help Policies or Rules of the Mud
  • Being Frozen or worse as punishment, a minimum of 1 rank reduction
  • While failing to play actively for 90 days or longer will not result in a demotion, your time will be reset back to the start of your current rank

(nota bene: Logging in just to read notes does not count! If you must be inactive for a period of time longer than 90 days you must post a note to the Clan.)


This can occur for the following reasons:

– Member requests to be outcast.
– If member brings shame to the clan. This will be determined by a vote of members rank 6 or above.

(Note: If the member bringing disgrace to the clan is rank 6 or higher, the vote will rest upon the leaders. If he/she is a leader then the vote rests in the hands of the clan, and the clan must vote whether to remove said player as leader, and then whether or not to outcast the player.)


Decision Making:

Day to day running of the clan will oftentimes make decisions necessary on the fly. The leaders may do what is needed as long as it represents the clan’s best interest.

The leaders (simple majority) may at any time decide to put any decision up to a vote.